August Build Produced Public Developer’s Beta Release

The KBase team follows a quarterly build process to prepare each public software release, making sure that each module has been tested and documented. The August build produced our first public developer’s beta release. This release is intended  for members of the community ranging from those who are comfortable using command-line interfaces and a few simple UNIX tools (sort, ls, cut, etc.) to developers wishing to build applications using the KBase API.
This release includes:

  • The Central Store (a relational database that includes all the Central Data Models)
  • An extensive command-line and programming interface to the Central Store
  • The ability to construct, run, and gap-fill flux balance models
  • The ability to annotate genomes and compare closely related strains
  • The ability to identify variations in eukaryotic genomes starting with DNA resequencing data, and to associate those variations with phenotypic observations

In addition to the command-line and programming interfaces, KBase has an interactive remote invocation service (Iris). The current version works on Firefox (apologies to Internet Explorer users). The KBase Iris interface allows one to run all the of the KBase command-line scripts and some useful UNIX tools from a web-based interface without downloading any software. Iris keeps track of user information and stores each user’s results and history on our KBase Iris server. The beta version of the Iris interface ( and a guided tutorial ( are now available.