Transfer Search Data into Narrative

When you are ready to transfer your search results to your Narrative to analyze them, select the desired Narrative using the “Select a Narrative” button in the top left of the search results page. Clicking this will display a list of Narratives that you own or have access to. Find the desired Narrative in the list and click the name to select it.

Select-Narrative If you have not already done so, select the data you wish to transfer by ticking the checkbox to the left of each data object you want. (As you do this, the Selections count above the shopping cart icon will go up.)

Select DataOnce you have clicked the checkboxes for all of the data objects you wish to transfer, locate the blue button under the image of the shopping cart and click it to transfer all of the selected data into your Narrative. (If you want to deselect all of the data you selected, click the red trash can button.)