Use Transferred Data in a Narrative

After you have transferred search results into your Narrative, you can analyze this data in the Narrative Interface using various Apps and Methods. In your browser, locate the menu in the top left corner and click “Narrative” to access the Narrative Interface from the Search page.Go-to-Narrative

There are various analyses that you can run from the Narrative Interface, with more being added frequently. For a full description of the Narrative Interface, see the Narrative Interface Guide.



  1. The data object you have transferred will appear in the Data Panel in the top left of the Narrative Interface. Clicking the KBase ID of the data object, “kb|g.3899” in this instance, will induce two changes in the Narrative Interface to assist your analysis:
  2. A filter will be applied to the Apps and Methods section to display only those analytical tools that can be used on that data type. In this case, notice that the filter “type:Genome” has been applied to display Apps and Methods that can be used with the Arabidopsis thaliana genome we transferred.
  3. Additionally, a viewer will be opened in the Main Narrative Panel that displays useful information about the data. For a genome, this includes taxonomic information, the number of known contigs and genes, the length and number of genes present in the contiguous sequences, and functional information about the genes.

There are many other ways to use search results as inputs to KBase analysis tools. Check back soon for more examples, or try experimenting! Keep in mind that the search interface is still in an early phase of development. Please see our Report an Issue page  for information on submitting bug reports or questions.