Downloading Data

After analyzing data in KBase, you may wish to download the results to your local computer. The Narrative Interface offers the ability to download many of the data types stored in KBase in common formats. Additional data types and output formats will be supported soon.

Download data from your Narrative

    • Locate the data you wish to download in the Data panel under the Analyze tab
    • Hover your mouse over the data object until a “…” symbol appears to the right of its name
    • Click the “…” symbol to reveal advanced options
    • Click the sixth icon from the left, Export / Download Data
    • Select a format for exporting and downloading the data
    • Your data will download to the default downloads folder on your computer


When downloading data from KBase, the data will be compressed into a Zip file (.zip) containing files (or a directory containing files) in the format you selected and a metadata file (in JSON format). If you choose to re-upload data you have downloaded from the system, take note that you cannot directly import the Zip file – you must first extract the file and then re-upload using the specified uploader for the data type.

Bulk Download Coming Soon

By popular request, KBase will be rolling out new apps soon that enable Bulk Download of multiple data objects.