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Extended data center maintenance (updated)


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Data center maintenance September 6-10 2019


Update 3pm: search is currently up but in a reduced capacity.  We are still working on workers for compute  jobs.

Update Sept 10 12pm PDT: we have switched back to our primary site.  There are still some services which are not functioning, including search.  We are working to bring those up as quickly as possible.  We are extending our outage window till 4pm PDT.

Update Sept 10 9am: we are beginning to power up our systems.  There may be service disruptions through the day.

Update Sept 9 7:30am PDT: we have been notified that the data center maintenance will continue through today.  We will switch back to our primary site Tuesday as soon as we have been cleared to power on our systems.

Update 3pm PDT: is now accessible with limited functionality.  The following features are not available:

  • submitting or viewing compute jobs
  • all uploads
  • search

There may be other functions which are not working properly as well.  We will attempt to repair these issues if possible.

Update 12:30pm PDT: we have begun our shutdown. is currently online but not functional. should continue to function.

Due to extended data center maintenance, and will be unavailable between 10am PDT Friday, September 6, and 1pm PDT Tuesday, September 10.  If the data center maintenance completes ahead of schedule, we will attempt to resume service on Monday, September 9.  Running compute jobs will be stopped after 10am PDT on Friday, and compute jobs queued after that time may not be re-queued when service is restored.

In addition, will be unavailable for parts of Friday, September 6, while we transition to our alternate site, and again when we transition back to our primary site.

During this outage, we will keep this post and updated with our status.

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