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A unit operation in a KBase Narrative that consists of a series of methods (analysis steps) chained together to perform some useful function.
A web page that describes the functionality and options for a specific app.
Holds a unit operation (such as an app or a visualization) in a KBase Narrative.
Contiguous consensus sequence of DNA, constructed by assembling overlapping DNA sequence fragments (reads), which represents a region of the genome.
Interactive page allowing users to examine both known and contextual information about a data object, including species description, taxonomic lineage, contig location and gene sequence, related publications, and provenance within KBase.
A specific piece of data (e.g., a specific genome of a particular bacterium) in KBase.
The internal KBase representation of a particular sort of biological data.
Flux Balance Analysis is a mathematical approach for analyzing the flow of metabolites through a metabolic network.
Gapfilling algorithms identify reactions that can be added to a draft metabolic model to fill in gaps in the metabolic pathways that prevent the model from growing.
In KBase, a genome contains the complete DNA sequence of an organism, with annotations representing biological functions (also known as feature calls).
A unit of execution, representing an analysis step that is either queued to be run, running, or completed.
The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase.
A free account required for accessing KBase functionality.
An integrated experimental framework for accessing, analyzing, modeling, and testing diverse data on complex biological systems.
The predicted network of chemical reactions occurring within the metabolic pathways of a living organism or community reconstructed from annotations representing biological functions, which are derived from literature and inferred in other organisms or communities based on sequence similarity.
An interactive, reproducible record of a computational experiment performed in KBase.
The graphical user interface for accessing KBase’s functionality and data.
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), also known as high-throughput sequencing, refers to a number of different modern sequencing technologies.
Representation of complete set of genetic material found within a given taxonomic clade, e.g., all of the genes contained in all strains of a species.
Short nucleotide sequences obtained from cloned fragments of DNA via or Shotgun Sequencing.
A branching diagram that depicts evolutionary relationships between organisms, wherein the branches of the tree distinguish taxonomically distinct organisms.
An interdisciplinary field of study that focuses on complex interactions within biological systems, using a holistic approach to biological and biomedical research.


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