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Emergency nightly narrative maintenance


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Emergency narrative maintenance nightly


Update 23 Mar 2019: the problem has recurred, so we will be performing emergency maintenance tonight starting at 8pm PDT (10pm CDT).

Update 15 Mar 2019: we believe that we have found and fixed the underlying issue, and will continue to monitor

Update 14 Mar 2019: the issues have returned.  We will be scheduling maintenance every night while we continue to investigate the underlying cause.

Update 12 Mar 2019: this maintenance is complete.  We will continue to monitor to see if the problem recurs.

Due to instability on we will be performing emergency maintenance on Tuesday, March 12, from 8-9pm PDT (10-11pm CDT). will be unavailable for parts of this time.  Submitted jobs will continue to run, and the website and API endpoints will still be available.

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