Reset Password Step-by-Step

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to reset it. There is no way to “show you” your existing password. The process of resetting your password consists of the following steps in brief:

  • You supply your username
  • An email message with a “reset code” is sent to the email address on the account
  • You enter the reset code and a new password
  • Your password will immediately be set to the new one you provided.

Please consult the following steps for details:

  1. Visit the Globus Password Reset page. The link provided here will open up a new browser window so that you can return to these instructions if need be.
    You should see a page like this:
    reset password - globus password reset form
  2. Fill in the Username field with your KBase username. This is the same as the “Globus ID” referred to on the Globus pages. Click the Reset Password button.
    reset password - globus password reset form - enter username
  3. The form will change, and inform you that Globus has sent you a “reset code”. This reset code will be sent to the email account you registered with (or have since updated).
    reset password - globus password reset form - enter code
  4. Check your email account. You should have received a message containing the reset code.
    reset password - email with code - highlighted
  5. Copy this code from your email, and paste it into the corresponding field on the Password Reset Form. Enter a new password of 7 characters or more and click the Set New Password button.
    reset password - globus password reset form - paste code
  6. Upon successfully creating a new password, your browser will display a Globus login form. Unless you plan on updating your Globus account, you should return to KBase and log in with your new password.reset password - globus password reset form - password successfully set