Hackathon at CSHL

A report on the event from the meeting participants:

“The hackathon was remarkably successful. It was focused, productive, and fun. We’ll go out on a limb and say that although we made much progress coding, the best achievement of the workshop was the new working relationship that it garnered among geographically distributed developers.”

The participants shared with the KBase team a manifesto for the UI architecture filled with ideas, technical documentation, diagrams, and screenshots of widgets developed at the workshop. And last but not least, a working demo.

Image–from left to right: Andrew Olson (CSHL), Jim Thomason (CSHL), Shiran Pasternak (CSHL), Annette Greiner (LBL), Andreas Wilke (ANL), Jer-Ming Chia (CSHL), Tobi Paczian (ANL), Scott Devoid (ANL), Jared Wilkening (ANL), and Paul Frybarger (ANL).