Transfer JGI Data User Guide

­Push Data to KBase from JGI Genome Portal

This guide describes how to select high-throughput sequencing data in FASTQ format from the JGI Genome Portal and transfer it to a KBase Narrative for analysis. An analogous process can be used to transfer FASTA format genome assemblies.
Fig 3-13 Push-to-kbase-v2

The U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (JGI) combines integrated high-throughput sequencing and computational analysis to enable systems-based scientific approaches to clean energy generation and environmental research. The Department of Energy Genome Science program funds both KBase and JGI.

The JGI Genome Portal lets users search, download, and explore multiple datasets available for DOE JGI sequencing projects including their status, assemblies, and annotations of sequenced genomes. KBase, the DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase, integrates diverse types of data, analysis tools, and a sophisticated new user interface that enables users to perform complex computational biology analyses and share their workflows and conclusions as reproducible “Narratives.” Combining the resources of JGI with the analytical power of KBase provides extensive research capabilities to the systems biology community.

Before transferring data from JGI to KBase, a user must: