KBase User Meeting

The KBase User Meeting will be an all-day (9am-3pm) workshop at the JGI User Meeting on Tuesday March 21, 2017. The workshop will include talks on the objectives of KBase, discussions about the science that can be accomplished using KBase, interactive tutorials, and opportunities for attendees to ask questions and offer feedback and suggestions. To get the most out of the workshop, we suggest that you sign up for a KBase account first.


User Meeting Schedule

The approximate schedule (subject to change) is:
9:00am: Introduction to KBase (Ben Allen)
9:15am: Assembly, annotation and comparative genomics (Ben Allen)
10:00am: Hands-on time and break
10:30am: Metabolic modeling (José Lopes Faria and Janaka Edirisinghe)
11:30am: Hands-on and lunch
12:30pm: RNA-Seq and expression data analysis (Sunita Kumari)
1:30pm: Hands-on and break
2:00pm: How to Push your JGI Data to KBase for Analysis (Ben Allen and Kjiersten Fagnan)
2:15pm: The SDK: KBase as an open platform for integrating third party analysis tools (Michael Sneddon)
2:30pm: Discussion/feedback
3:00pm: Adjourn

Some of the workflows that can be run in KBase. Find out more at the workshop!

Resources for Workshop Attendees

General documentation:

Tutorial materials:


Give us Feedback

We are continually improving KBase based on user feedback. Please contact us if you have questions, suggestions or issues with using KBase.