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View Multi-cluster Heatmap



Explore an expression matrix as a multi-cluster heatmap of gene expression levels.

This method displays multi-cluster heatmap of expressed genes. The user can modulate the output of the heatmap by varying the minimum number of features required while making sure that all the related clusters are shown in full in the heatmap. The heatmap shows original expression values by default.

The advanced options allow the user to enable the display log2 fold change values in the heatmap. In the later case, the user can further select the quantile level of the standard deviation of log2 fold change, quantile weight, fold normalization option and the fold normalization range so that the selected clusters are most coherent with respect to features and most diverse with respect to conditions.

Team members who developed & deployed algorithm in KBase: Shinjae Yoo, Fei He, Sunita Kumari, Priya Ranjan, Srividya Ramakrishnan, Jim Thomason, Vivek Kumar

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Module Commit: 77803912cdb5fb1ed2535add11ccaa04bcb678f3