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Create Up/Down Regulated FeatureSet and ExpressionMatrix


By: tgu2


Create up/down regulated FeatureSet and ExpressionMatrix from differential expression data based on given cutoffs.

This App selects feature IDs from the input DifferentialExpressionMatrixSet object for features that exhibit an absolute log2 fold change higher than the input cutoff and corrected p-value lower than the input alpha cutoff. It then generates a set of features along with feature type, alias, and associated functional information.

The App also generates a subset ExpressionMatrix by projecting the output features on the input ExpressionMatrix.

NOTE:The upregulated and downregulated feature sets exhibit positive and negative log fold change, respectively.

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App Specification:

Module Commit: e31f1e7de3ce34a595574e7edfa2a85944cd07a0