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Impute Missing Expression Values in ExpressionMatrix - v1.0


Replace missing expression values in an ExpressionMatrix with the average of all other values present in a given row.

This App imputes the missing values of features for all of the samples or conditions contained within an ExpressionMatrix. The missing values in each row are imputed by replacing them with the mean of all other values in that specific row.

The input is a .tsv file with "gene-id" listed in the top left cell, the gene IDs listed in the first column, the sample/conditions identifiers in the first row, and the expression values that correspond to the gene IDs and sample throughout. To ensure this App works properly, the empty value cells in the ExpressionMatrix MUST BE populated with NA (meaning Not Assigned ). Empty values, white space, or NaN will result in an error. For a comprehensive guide to formatting your expression data for import into KBase, see the Data Upload/Download Guide.

Team members who developed & deployed algorithm in KBase: Paramvir Dehal, Roman Sutormin, Michael Sneddon, Srividya Ramakrishnan, Pavel Novichkov, and Keith Keller. For questions, please contact us.

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Module Commit: 6cdc50905a08883a53333c073abe1e1df7b3f97f