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Merge Metabolic Annotations


Merge multiple metabolic annotations into a single merged annotation based on thresholds

The Merge Metabolic Annotations app allows the user to merge metabolic annotations from multiple sources present in the genome, using a simple, user-defined weighted-sum scoring scheme to decide which annotations to include. The resulting merged annotations will be added as a separate new annotation event in the genome, which can then be used for metabolic modeling by the Naive Bayes classifier, calculating the probability that gene X has function Y, given all of the annotation sources.

The default settings assing a weight of 1 to each annotation source, and set the threshold to 1 as well, which is equivalent to taking the union of all annotations. This will result in the largest possible number of genes and reactions, but will also tend to include a large number of false positives.

For additional information about metabolic modeling, visit the Metabolic Modeling in KBase FAQ.

Team members who developed & deployed algorithm in KBase: Jeffrey Kimbrel, Patrik D'haeseleer, Chris Henry. For questions, please contact us.

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