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Bulk Annotate Genomes/Assemblies with RASTtk - v1.073


By: chenry, qzhang


Annotate or re-annotate genomes/assemblies using RASTtk (Rapid Annotations using Subsystems Technology toolkit).

This KBase annotation App (Bulk Annotate Genomes/Assemblies uses components from the RAST (Rapid Annotations using Subsystems Technology) toolkit [1,2,3] to annotate prokaryotic genomes, to update the annotations of genomes, or to perform computations on a set of genomes so that they are consistent.

The release versions of the RASTtk component services used in this app are:

The Bulk Annotate Genomes/Assemblies App takes genomes and/or assemblies as inputs and allows users to annotate or re-annotate the genomes and/or assemblies. This will make the annotations consistent with other KBase genomes and prepare the genomes for further analysis by other KBase Apps, especially the Metabolic Modeling Apps. A Genome object can be generated by uploading a GenBank file, importing a GenBank file from NCBI via FTP, retrieving a Genome-typed object from KBase, or using the output of the Annotate Microbial Assembly App.

The newly annotated genomes will be included in a GenomeSet object with the user specified GenomeSet name, with each individual RAST-annotated genome named by its corresponding input genome/assembly name prefixed with the GenomeSet name.

Team members who developed & deployed algorithm in KBase:

Thomas Brettin, James Davis, Terry Disz, Robert Edwards, Chris Henry, Gary Olsen, Robert Olson, Ross Overbeek, Bruce Parrello, Gordon Pusch, Roman Sutormin, and Fangfang Xia. For questions, please contact us.

The authors of RAST request that if you use the results of this annotation in your work, please cite the first three listed publications:

Related Publications

App Specification:

Module Commit: 7171090d87fccc8b7ecf1a1d02398995dcc2dd45