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Bulk Download Modeling Objects


By: chenry


Bulk download many modeling objects as one file.

This App enables the bulk download of any model-related objects in the current narrative of KBase. Users can select which object type(s) to download (e.g., just models or models plus media, etc.). Under the show advanced parameters link, users can specify a file format for each type of object using the available dropdown.

When the App is finished running, a link will appear under the heading Files and the link will be called model_objects.tgz . Click on the link to begin the download. Systems will vary on how to uncompress a file that has been tar d and gzipped. On linux systems, from the command line, the command tar -xzf model_objects.tgz can be used. Mac OS X will unpack a .tar.gz, .tar, or .zip file automatically when you double-click on its icon. If you are using windows and haven t encountered gzip, check out the help here.

If you are having trouble locating your downloaded data, the model_objects.tgz will have a current timestamp (time it was downloaded) but the uncompressed data files will have a timestamp that corresponds to the data and time they were created in KBase.

For additional information about metabolic modeling, visit the Metabolic Modeling in KBase FAQ.

Team members who developed & deployed algorithm in KBase: Christopher Henry. For questions, please contact us.

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Module Commit: 8baa9633d3a091e67108217a44eab8f836ed7d36