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Compare FBA Solutions


By: chenry


For each FBA solution, compare objective values, reaction fluxes, and metabolite uptake and excretion.

KBase permits the use of flux balance analysis to predict how an organism will behave metabolically in a wide range of growth conditions. With this capability, it quickly becomes important to be able to compare the flux profiles predicted by FBA side-by-side, so as to understand how an organism's behavior changes from one condition to the next, or how the behavior of two different organisms vary with in a single condition. The Compare FBA Solutions method enables this comparison. FBA solutions are compared on three levels: (i) the objective value for each FBA solution is compared; (ii) the flux through each reaction in each FBA solution is compared; and (iii) the uptake and excretion of metabolites in each FBA solution is compared. In this comparison, reaction fluxes are categorized into four possible states: not in model; no flux; forward flux; and reverse flux. Metabolite fluxes are categorized into similar states: not in model; no flux; uptake; and excretion. FBA solutions are compared based on these states, and solutions with similar states are compared based on magnitude of flux.

Team members who developed & deployed algorithm in KBase: Chris Henry, Matt DeJongh, Jose Faria, Janaka Edirisinghe, Sam Seaver, Neal Conrad. For questions, e-mail

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Module Commit: 584206644abfeb5f3184783aaa27b3a0993ca583