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Merge ReadsSet to One Library - v1.0.1
By: dylan


Merge a ReadsSet with multiple libraries into One Library

This App allows the user to merge the Reads Libraries from a Reads Set into one Reads Library.

written for KBase by Dylan Chivian


Merge ReadsSet to One Library allows a user to combine the Reads Libraries from one Reads Set into one Reads Library (if merging a multiple Reads Sets into one Library, use Merge Multiple ReadsLibs to One Library App instead). This can be necessary for certain Apps that cannot accept more than one reads library, such as for performing co-assemblies. This App does not account for repeat IDs and will include all reads even if they are identical IDs or sequence. The members of the Reads Set must all be either Paired End Libraries or Single End Libraries to allow for merging into one output library.

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App Specification:

Module Commit: cec9cfcd09531ddd53ca1eb1ef4ee4b5b7a8250b