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Split Reads - v1.0.1
By: dylan


Split a Reads Library into smaller, evenly sized Reads Libraries.

This App allows the user to split a Reads Library into evenly sized Reads Libraries, organized into a Reads Set. Smaller read libraries can be used for running faster tests and parameter discovery for Apps such as quality trimming, assemblers, read aligners, taxonomic and functional classifiers and profilers, and RNA-Seq Apps. Additionally, splitting a single large library into smaller non-overlapping libraries creates technical replicates that allow a researcher to perform replicate analyses in the case that they don t have biological replicates.

All created sub-libraries are evenly-sized but may be off by one sequence if the split number does not evenly divide the number of source reads. In other words, all sequences in the source library will wind up in one of the sub-libraries. Read records are assigned one at a time in turn to the sub-libraries, so the resulting split libraries are taken evenly from the whole input library, not as uninterrupted chunks from the source. This means that if you split the source library into three sub-libraries the first, fourth, seventh (and so on) sequences in the source library will be placed in the first sub-library, the second, fifth, eighth (and so on) sequences will be placed in the second sub-library, and the third, sixth, ninth (and so on) sequences in the third sub-library. Additionally, the output sub-libraries will be organized into a corresponding ReadsSet object, which is named by the user.


Team members who developed & deployed App in KBase: Dylan Chivian. For questions, please contact us.

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Module Commit: cec9cfcd09531ddd53ca1eb1ef4ee4b5b7a8250b