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Batch Create Genome Set - v1.2.0


By: dylan


Allows user to create a GenomeSet without specifying names

This App allows the user to group individual Genome objects into a Genome Set.

written for KBase by Dylan Chivian


Batch Create Genome Set allows a user to create a Set of Genomes which can be used in subsequent Apps that operate on Genome Sets. Each Genome object must already be within the Narrative's data workspace, so if there are genomes from other Narratives or genomes from the public reference genome library that the user wishes to include, they must first be imported into the active Narrative. All Genomes that match the Name Pattern will be included in the Set. If the Name Pattern is left blank, all genome objects in the current Narrative will be included.

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App Specification:

Module Commit: d8f5b6dabd1431efbff15119809b57f489a90e58