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Venn Slice Two GenomeSets - v1.7.6


By: dylan


Allows users to slice two GenomeSets according to their Venn overlap.

This App allows users to create an intersection set or difference set from two Genome Sets, A and B, ie, a new GenomeSet containing only genomes that correspond to present in {A and B}, or {A and (not B)}, or {(not A) and B}.

Running the App: Note that in this App, all inputs are required or mandatory. The first two inputs are sets of genome genomes (GenomeSets), which may have been created by any of several Apps in KBase, such as Build Genome Set from Genome, BLASTp prot-prot Search, Merge GenomeSets, Slice GenomeSets by Genomes, among others.

This is followed by a pull-down menu for Logical slice which indicates which set (Venn diagram) operation to perform:

Below that is a text entry field for a meaningful description of the resultant set, followed by the name to be given to the resultant GenomeSet object. Upon successful completion, a new GenomeSet object with the given name will appear in the Data Pane, and a short report listing the description and number of genomes in this set will appear below the App cell window in the Narrative.

Team members who developed & deployed App in KBase: Dylan Chivian. For questions, please contact us.

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App Specification:

Module Commit: 1d093bc1c3b896a541b850cd57b606bdea70d066