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Remove Genomes from GenomeSet - v1.5.0


By: dylan


Allows user to remove Genome(s) from a GenomeSet

Remove Genomes from GenomeSet allows a user to reduce the membership of a set of genomes (each of which is a set of DNA contigs including structural and functional annotations). The GenomeSet object can be used in subsequent Apps allowing for bulk operations on Genome objects. The GenomeSet must already be within the Narrative's data workspace. Genomes to be removed that are also in the same Narrative as the GenomeSet can be configured with the "Remove Genome Objects" pull-down option. Genomes that are not in the same Narrative (e.g. RefSeq reference genomes) can be removed from the GenomeSet by adding the name of the Genome object with the "Remove Nonlocal Genome Names" text option.

Team members who developed & deployed App in KBase: Dylan Chivian. For questions, please contact us.

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Module Commit: 1d093bc1c3b896a541b850cd57b606bdea70d066