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Slice FeatureSets by Genomes - v1.7.0


By: dylan


Allows user to slice FeatureSets by Genomes and/or Metagenomes.

Slice Feature Sets by Genomes allows a user to subset FeatureSet objects to only include features from user-defined Genomes or annotated metagenome assemblies (AMAs). This is useful when a FeatureSet is generated by the use of a BLAST or HMMER App, but it contains features from many genomes and/or AMAs. Reducing the Feature Set to those that belongs to the user-defined genomes and/or AMAs will make it easier to use for downstream Apps. A feature set is generated for each of the feature set listed as input. The configuration of the genomes is done using Genome objects that are present in the active Narrative, so those must be imported and used to create the FeatureSets subject to slicing. A null result will not create an empty Feature Set.

Team members who developed & deployed App in KBase: Dylan Chivian. For questions, please contact us.

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Module Commit: 1d093bc1c3b896a541b850cd57b606bdea70d066