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Assess Read Quality with FastQC - v0.11.9


By: seaver


A quality control application for high throughput sequence data.

FastQC is a quality control application that allows users to perform numerous quality control checks on raw sequence data generated by high throughput sequencing pipelines such as Illumina and ABI SOLiD platforms in FASTQ format. It generates as output a comprehensive multi-page report on the composition and quality of reads in HTML format, with one page for each of the reads (e.g. Single End, Paired End: forward, Paired End: reverse). The report can be viewed inside the Narrative or as a new web page that can also be downloaded.

The HTML report includes results from multiple modules that were run by FastQC, and provides a quick assessment of the quality of the results labeled as normal (green checkmark), slightly abnormal (orange triangle), and very unusual (red cross) reads. The modules included in the report are as follows:

Note: FastQC v0.11.9 was released on Aug 01, 2019.

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App Specification:

Module Commit: 0e27fbc519a8d5956645d7aeabab30bc9c22bd71