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Build Fungal Model


Build Fungal Model

Construct a fungal model through model propagation


Here we introduce a methodology to construct genome-scale fungal models in an automated fashion based on a curated set of reactions that are derived from 14 published fungal metabolic models.As the basis for the method, we produced a fungal model template that encompasses the biochemistry data from the published fungal models and the structural annotations from the associated fungal genomes.

This approach uses structural annotations of any user-submitted fungal genome and computes a set of orthologous proteins against the curated fungal template in order to assert the presence or absence of specific biochemical reactions and pathways. Once the orthologous protein families are determined, the related biochemistry data is propagated to construct a new draft metabolic model. Once the draft metabolic models are derived, additional reactions been added based on available functional annotations

The research paper associated with this method is in preperation.

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