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Export Data Object To Staging Area
By: tgu2


Export files associated with a Reads, Genome, Assembly, Annotated Metagenome Assembly, Alignment or SampleSet object to the Staging Area.

This App is designed to export file(s) associated with a KBase certain data objects to the Staging Area. Please note that it currently only supports Reads Libraries (SingleEnd and PairedEnd libraries), RNASeqAlignment, Assembly, Annotated-Metagenome-Assembly, Genome and SampleSet objects. Advanced parameters are available for data objects where multiples files formats are supported for download. As an example, Genome objects can be downloaded in GenBank and GFF format.

The App allows the user to select a folder in the Staging Area where the files will be located. This can be done by setting the folder name in the parameter Destination Directory . If the folder named imputed in Destination Directory does not exist, a new folder will be created. For convenience, the workspace_export folder name is filled in by default as a place to manage files for download. The Staging Area can be accessed via the Data Panel by clicking the + icon, this action will slide out the data panel. The Destination Directory can be found in the Import tab. Once the selected directory is accessed, files can be downloaded by clicking the downwards arrow.

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