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Assemble Reads with Unicycler - v0.4.8


By: jmc


Assemble reads using the Unicycler assembler.

This is a KBase wrapper for Unicycler, an assembly pipeline for bacterial genomes. Unicycler can assemble Illumina-only read sets where it functions as a SPAdes-optimiser. It can also assembly long-read-only sets (PacBio or Nanopore) where it runs a miniasm+Racon pipeline. For the best possible assemblies, give it both Illumina reads and long reads, and it will conduct a hybrid assembly.

More details on Unicycler can be found in publication [1] at the bottom of this App detail page, and details of how it is used to assemble bacterial genomes can be found in publication [2].

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Module Commit: 0a192937c92f1e6920306bb4d1bd437ced9f55c0