Resetting Your KBase Account Password

It happens to everyone: You’ve forgotten or otherwise misplaced the password for your KBase account.

Don’t worry–our authentication partner Globus provides a password reset feature. In order to use it you will need to use a computer on which you have web and email access.

Sign in with your KBase User ID, not your email address

If you think you are using the right password, but you are not able to sign in to KBase, check that you’re using your User ID (which should contain only letters and numbers) rather than your email address. Unlike some systems, Globus does not allow you to use your email address as a synonym for your User ID.

How to Reset Your Password

1 Visit the Globus Password Reset page. Follow the instructions there.
2 Return to KBase and sign in with your new password

Selecting the Right Password

Globus, our account and authentication provider, requires passwords of 7 characters or more, and provides recommendations for password strength.

Not Receiving the Reset E-Mail?

If you have requested a reset code from Globus and have not received it in your email:

  • It could be that you originally set up your Globus account with a different email address; check other accounts you own.
  • Your email service or client may have flagged the message as spam; it might be in your Spam or Junk mail folder.

If you still cannot find the missing password reset email, please contact us. We will work with Globus to resolve your account issue.

Reset Help

If you need assistance with the Globus password reset process, you may wish to consult the step-by-step Password Reset guide.