Build and initialize the workspace client

This documentation describes how to build and initialize the workspace clients. It assumes the documentation build occurs on Ubuntu 12.04LTS, but things should work similarly on other distributions. It assumes that the workspace_deluxe and jars repos have been cloned (see Getting the code) but does not assume that the KBase runtime or dev_container are installed.

Python client

Currently the Python client only supports Python 2.7. The Python client checked into libs/biokbase/workspace/ does not require a build, but does require the requests (v 2+) 3rd party library, which, depending on the Python version, can be tricky to install securely. The following incantation worked for the author:

sudo apt-get install python-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev
curl >
sudo python
sudo pip install --upgrade requests
sudo pip install --upgrade requests[security]

For python 2.7.9+ sudo pip install --upgrade requests should work.

Change the working directory to the lib directory:

bareubuntu@bu:~/ws$ cd workspace_deluxe/lib/

Alternatively, add this directory to the PYTHONPATH. If deploying with the dev_container, the client will be copied to /kb/deployment/lib/biokbase/workspace/ and the user-env script will set up the PYTHONPATH.

Here we use the iPython interpreter to demonstrate initializing the client, but the standard python interpreter will also work:

bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/workspace_deluxe/lib$ ipython
In [1]: from biokbase.workspace.client import Workspace
In [2]: ws = Workspace('', user_id='kbasetest', password=[redacted])
In [3]: ws.ver()
Out[3]: u'0.3.5'

Java client

The Java client build requires:

Java JDK 6+ (install instructions)

Java ant:

sudo apt-get install ant

Build the client:

bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/workspace_deluxe$ make compile-java-client
ant compile_client
Buildfile: /home/bareubuntu/ws/workspace_deluxe/build.xml

    [mkdir] Created dir: /home/bareubuntu/ws/workspace_deluxe/client_classes
    [javac] Compiling 48 source files to /home/bareubuntu/ws/workspace_deluxe/client_classes
      [jar] Building jar: /home/bareubuntu/ws/workspace_deluxe/dist/client/WorkspaceClient.jar
   [delete] Deleting directory /home/bareubuntu/ws/workspace_deluxe/client_classes

Total time: 3 seconds

The client jar is created in dist/client/WorkspaceClient.jar.

For simplicity, copy the required jars into a single directory:

bareubuntu@bu:~/ws$ mkdir tryjavaclient
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws$ cd tryjavaclient/
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ cp ../workspace_deluxe/dist/client/WorkspaceClient.jar .
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ cp ../jars/lib/jars/jackson/jackson-annotations-2.5.4.jar .
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ cp ../jars/lib/jars/jackson/jackson-core-2.5.4.jar .
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ cp ../jars/lib/jars/jackson/jackson-databind-2.5.4.jar .
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ cp ../jars/lib/jars/kbase/auth/kbase-auth-0.4.4.jar .
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ cp ../jars/lib/jars/kbase/common/kbase-common-0.0.24.jar .
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ ls

jackson-annotations-2.5.4.jar        kbase-auth-0.4.4.jar
jackson-core-2.5.4.jar               kbase-common-0.0.24.jar
jackson-databind-2.5.4.jar           WorkspaceClient.jar

When creating an application using the WSS it’s advisable to use a build tool like ant, maven, or gradle to organize the required jars.

This simple program initializes and calls a method on the WSS client:

bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ cat
import us.kbase.auth.AuthConfig;
import us.kbase.workspace.WorkspaceClient;
import us.kbase.auth.ConfigurableAuthService;
import us.kbase.auth.AuthToken;

public class TryWorkspaceClient {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        String authUrl =

        ConfigurableAuthService authService = new ConfigurableAuthService(
                new AuthConfig().withKBaseAuthServerURL(new URL(authUrl));

        String tokenString = YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN_HERE;
        AuthToken token = authService.validateToken(tokenString);

        WorkspaceClient client = new WorkspaceClient(
                new URL(""),

Compile and run:

bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ javac -cp "./*"
bareubuntu@bu:~/ws/tryjavaclient$ java -cp "./:./*" TryWorkspaceClient

For more client initialization and configuration options, see Workspace API documentation.

Perl client


Build and initialization instructions for the Perl client. If this can be done without the KBase runtime & dev_container that’d be ideal.

Javascript client


Build (probably not needed) and initialization instructions for the Javascript client.