KBase: The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase

KBase is an open platform for comparative functional genomics and systems biology for microbes, plants and their communities, and for sharing results and methods with other scientists.


First Narrative Tutorial – Assemble and Annotate Microbial Genome

KBase’s Assemble and Annotate Microbial Genome app is a convenient way to go from sequence reads to an assembled annotated sequence with a single click. Our new interactive Assemble & Annotate Narrative tutorial will introduce you to this useful app in the context of the Narrative Interface. Not only can you read through an example of how […]

Data Upload and Download Guide

In addition to providing access to a wide range of public data, KBase lets users upload their own data for analysis and then download the results in several standard formats (with more to come).  A new Data Upload and Download Guide (http://kbase.us/data-upload-download-guide/) describes the different data types currently available in KBase, including contigs, genomes, short reads, plant coding […]

Minor release

Yesterday’s scheduled maintenance included a minor release of the Narrative Interface software. For notes about some of the bug fixes and improvements, see https://github.com/kbase/narrative/blob/develop/RELEASE_NOTES.md We are still debugging a few of the new changes, so if you notice anything not working right, please contact us. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve KBase!

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