KBase: The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase

KBase is an open platform for comparative functional genomics and systems biology for microbes, plants and their communities, and for sharing results and methods with other scientists.


KBase minor release

A minor update to KBase is now complete. This includes a minor release of the Narrative Interface (version 1.1.0). This release fixes some issues in the user interface (see release notes for more details), as well as in some of the tools, including annotation and data upload. The next time you open a Narrative, you may see a green […]

KBase Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

A new KBase Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) was formed in January 2016. Members are eminent scientific leaders who will help us ensure that, moving forward, KBase serves the current and future needs of the broad biological research community. They will be active participants in feature prioritization and community engagement to help guide the development of […]

KBase at the 2016 DOE Genomic Science Annual Contractors Meeting

KBase will host two events for attendees at the invitation-only 2016 DOE Genomic Science Annual Contractors Meeting scheduled for March 6–9: a Developers’ Workshop and the KBase Experience Hands-On Session. The Developers’ Workshop, set for Monday, March 7 from 1 to 5:30 p.m., will demonstrate how researchers can integrate their command-line tools into the KBase […]

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