KBase: The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase

KBase is an open platform for comparative functional genomics and systems biology for microbes, plants and their communities, and for sharing results and methods with other scientists.


New Narrative Tutorial on Microbial Metabolic Modeling

KBase supports a suite of apps and methods for metabolic model inference, simulation, comparison, editing, and improvement. Much of this functionality is featured in a new “Microbial Metabolic Model Reconstruction and Analysis” tutorial (narrative.kbase.us/narrative/ws.10054.obj.1) available within the Narrative Interface. This tutorial demonstrates how to use KBase to build a draft metabolic model from an annotated […]

Video Tutorial: Introduction to the Narrative Interface

Check out our new video tutorial introducing KBase’s Narrative Interface: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ql7HAUzU7U KBase’s Narrative Interface lets you design and carry out collaborative computational experiments while creating Narratives: interactive, shareable, and reproducible records of your data, computational steps, and thought processes. The video demonstrates how to create a Narrative, find data, use Apps and Method to perform […]

Frequently Asked Questions about KBase’s Metabolic Modeling Tools and Datasets

KBase has a suite of analysis tools and datasets that support the reconstruction, prediction, and design of metabolic networks in microbes and plants. To help our users leverage the metabolic modeling suite, we have put together a set of Frequently Asked Questions (a “FAQ”): http://kbase.us/metabolic-modeling-faq/. […]

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