COMING SOON (February 2015): a major update to the KBase website and user interface

The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase) is an open software and data platform that aims to enable researchers to predict and ultimately design biological function. KBase’s unified data model allows users to perform integrated analyses across plants, microbes, and their communities with a wide range of tools that interoperate across the tree of life, and to publish their data, methods, results and thoughts in persistent, citable, executable, and reusable electronic narratives that allow scientists to build on the work of others. KBase's open platform will enable external developers to integrate their analysis tools, facilitating distribution, comparative tool analysis, and access to enterprise-class computing.

KBase includes

What can you do in KBase?

  • Efficiently annotate new microbial genomes and infer metabolic and regulatory networks
  • Transform network inferences into metabolic models and map missing reactions to genes using novel data reconciliation tools
  • Test microbial ecological hypotheses through taxonomic and functional analysis of quality-assessed metagenomic data
  • Discover genetic variations within plant populations and map these to complex organismal traits