Data Upload and Download Guide

Uploading and Downloading Your Own Data

This guide provides instructions for uploading data to your KBase account and downloading output data from your analysis results.

Bulk Uploading Your Own Data

KBase is expanding its data import functionality to support bulk upload of data, meaning that users can import multiple files simultaneously (or single very large files).  You can find out more about using the new (beta) Bulk Upload interface in the Bulk Upload Guide.

Public Data in KBase

KBase periodically imports data from many publicly accessible databases and also allows users to upload their own datasets for analysis. Data uploaded by a KBase user is stored within that individual’s account and can only be accessed by others if the owner includes the data in a shared or public Narrative. After performing analyses using KBase apps, the results can be downloaded to your computer in several standard formats. If you have requests for more download formats, please create a ticket in the Help Board.