KBase and JGI Talk Collaboration

Members of the DOE Systems Biology KBase team traveled to the DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI) on Monday, June 4 to discuss opportunities to collaborate. KBase team members briefed JGI on progress in the science domains and crosscutting infrastructure, and in our outreach efforts. Both teams identified areas of interest for collaborating that are expected to result in the biggest gains for the community and for DOE. JGI also shared successful experiences that could be applied to future KBase outreach work. The outcome of the meeting was to connect specific areas to leverage or to co-develop, and to assign team members on both sides to new working groups.

Attendees included Adam Arkin, Seth Axen, Tom Brettin, James Bristow, Shane Canon, Shreyas Cholia, Bob Cottingham, Paramvir Dehal, Narayan Desai, Amy Chen, Alex Copeland, Samuel Deutsch, Rob Egan, David Goodstein, Cheryl Kerfeld, Kostas Mavrommatis, Len Pennacchio, Rene Perrier, Sarah Richardson, Eddy Rubin, Zhong Wang, Dave Weston, FangFang Xia, and Rick Stevens joined via phone.