KBase at the 2017 DOE Genomic Science Annual Contractors Meeting

KBase will host three events for attendees at the invitation-only 2017 DOE Genomic Science Annual Contractors Meeting scheduled for February 5-8: A Software Development Kit (SDK) Workshop, Tutorial Presentations, and the KBase Experience Hands-On Session.

The KBase Software Development Kit (SDK) Workshop is Monday Feb 6 9am-5pm in the Potomac V room.  The session will demonstrate how bioinformatics tool developers can integrate their command-line tools into the KBase platform.  KBase staff will walk through a detailed example of adding an application using the KBase SDK, discussing topics such as how to handle dependencies, retrieve and store data in KBase, and debug new applications.  The workshop will also include a hands-on training session where KBase project members will assist participants in adding their tools to KBase.

The KBase Tutorial Presentations are Monday Feb 6 12pm-5pm in the Conference Theater.  This session will feature a series of one hour tutorials on how to perform key analyses in KBase, followed by hands-on time for participants to try out KBase on their laptops. Tutorials will include:

  • Assemble and Annotate microbial genomes
  • Metabolic modeling and flux balance analysis
  • RNA-seq analysis

KBase staff will be present to answer questions and provide assistance.

The KBase Experience Room session, Tuesday Feb 7 12pm-530pm in the Conference Theater will be an asynchronous learning opportunity for attendees to try out KBase on their laptops while KBase staff are available to answer questions and provide help and advice as needed.

Pre-registration is required for all events. Attendance is very limited and all attendees must have already received an invitation for and be registered for the full 2017 DOE Genomic Sciences Program Annual PI Meeting.

In addition to the above workshops, Adam Arkin, KBase PI, will speak about using KBase in the Plenary Session Tuesday Feb 7 830am-850am. His talk is titled, “From sequence through expression to metabolic modeling of microbes plants and their communities: How KBase can accelerate your research and help your teams collaborate and communicate on complex systems biology problems.