KBase Ramps Up Efforts with Mini-Builds

In addition to KBase’s quarterly builds, in which every module is tested, documented and deployed, we have started to organize “Mini-Builds” that focus on only a few of the KBase modules. The October Mini-Build was held October 2-5, 2012, at Argonne National Laboratory. Services that were deployed during this build included:

  • Assembly Service
  • Variation Service
  • Similarity Service (which includes all/all BLAST search results)
  • Authentication Services

The KBase downloads page (http://kbase.us/developer-zone/downloads/) offers a Mac application bundle (dmg) that contains an installation of the KBase toolkit and the runtime support code required for the toolkit. This enables Mac users to launch a single application that allows them to run all of the deployed command-lineKBase services.

Our first release of the Authorization Service demonstrates continued progress on the combined authentication/authorization needs of users. Authentication has now been integrated into the Variation Service and the Auxiliary Store. The authentication service is now fully integrated with Globus online.