KBase workshop and posters at the 2012 JGI User Meeting

Attend our workshop and visit our posters at the 2012 JGI User Meeting.

The KBase Outreach Workshop will begin with an introduction and timeline for the KBase Project. The Plants, Microbes, Communities, and Infrastructure teams will present short introductions to the objectives for prototype demonstrations for March 2013. Subsequently there will be separate breakout sessions for the Plants, Microbes and Microbial Communities science domains to provide detailed descriptions of the planned demonstrations, how they are being developed, and current status. The breakout sessions will focus on the following issues in order to cultivate deeper discussions, and to obtain the science community’s feedback and suggestions for improvements. The Workshop Agenda is shown below.

  • Plants – improvements in data exploration, integration and genotype workflows.
  • Microbes – improvements in data integration and visualization, metabolic modeling and regulatory networks.
  • Microbial Communities – improvements in data analysis, visualization, and bioprospecting.

Monday, March 19th from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.