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The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase) is a software and data platform designed to meet the grand challenge of systems biologypredicting and designing biological function. KBase integrates data, tools, and their associated interfaces into one unified, scalable environment.   More information…

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What is the Narrative Interface?

Narratives are user-created interactive, dynamic, and persistent documents that are KBase’s way of making systems biology research transparent, collaborative and reproducible.

The Narrative Interface lets you customize and execute a series of KBase analyses to create your own Narratives that include your analysis steps, commentary, visualizations, and custom scripts. You can share Narratives to enable other researchers to repeat your computational experiments, and alter parameters or input data to obtain different results.

Narrative Tutorials

These Narrative tutorials show you how to use KBase tools and data to perform useful analyses. You can copy these Narratives and rerun the steps or try them on your own data.

Kbase_Individual_Circles_yellow Assemble and Annotate Microbial Genome
Learn how to assemble NGS reads into contigs and then perform structural and functional annotation of the assembled contigs.
Kbase_Individual_Circles_green Annotate Plant Coding Sequences with Metabolic Functions
Assign metabolic functions (based on the PlantSEED Subsystems ontology) to plant cDNA sequences.
Kbase_Individual_Circles_blue Microbial Metabolic Model Reconstruction and Analysis
Starting from genome sequence data, this Narrative demonstrates how to use KBase tools to reconstruct and analyze genome-scale metabolic models.

Visit our new Narrative Library for more tutorials as well as research Narratives!

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