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Power Outage impacting JGI search (updated)


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Power outage October 26, 2019 impacting JGI search, appdev


Update 7am Oct 30: JGI search appears to be working.  If you have problems with either appdev or JGI search please contact us.

Update 6am Oct 30: should be working normally.  We are still confirming JGI search.

Update 5pm Oct 29: power has been restored, and we are powering up our systems now.  We hope to have up by noon PDT Oct. 30.

Update 8pm Oct 25: our systems are now off, including  JGI search may continue to function for part of Saturday, Oct 26.

Update 7pm Oct 25: we have been notified that we will lose power overnight, so we will be shutting down our systems tonight.

PG&E has announced that Berkeley Lab will be impacted by an emergency power outage due to a high risk of wild fire in the area.  If this occurs, JGI search and will be unavailable during the outage.  Other production services should not be impacted.  The duration of the outage, should it occur, is unknown but could last several days.

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