New Sign-up/Sign-in System

On June 9, KBase will be switching to a new system for signing up and signing in. (Note that KBase will be unavailable for several hours during this conversion.)

Users who already have KBase accounts will have to navigate through a new authentication process the first time they sign on after the changeover to convert their existing account. After going through that conversion, you will be able to sign in to KBase with your existing user account (which is administered by Globus) or via your Google account, if you link it.

Please see for detailed instructions on how to navigate the account conversion process.

New users who sign up after June 9 will appreciate the new, simpler signup process. We designed it after hearing from users that the previous signup process was confusing.

KBase is continually working to improve our users’ experience, and we would love to hear your feedback. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions.