Supported Web Browsers for KBase

The KBase website and Narrative Interface should work on most modern web browsers, but we primarily focus on supporting Chrome and Firefox, and recommend that you access KBase using one of those.

Supported Browsers

The following desktop web browsers have been tested against the KBase web site and Narrative user interface. If you experience any issue using these browsers with our site please report it to us.


Safari 8 and up
(Internet Explorer 11 / Windows Edge– not recommended)

Known Issues

  • Some Ad-Blockers and browser extensions may induce errors within the Narrative Interface. We are working to identify issues with commonly used browser extensions to enable their use, but you may want to disable browser extension if you encounter issues within KBase.

Mobile Browsers

KBase is currently not supported on mobile browsers. The KBase web site and services should work with tablet browsers on iPad and Android devices in landscape orientation, but we do not currently test on these platforms so there may be compatibility issues. Watch for future updates as KBase goes responsive and mobile.

Unsupported Browsers

Other modern browsers, such as Opera, may work with KBase, but as we do not test with them we cannot make any assurances about their operation.

Older versions of supported browsers are likewise not supported. Please ensure that your browser and system are  up-to-date before reporting a problem with a supported browser.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) is distributed with Microsoft Windows. KBase should work on IE 10 and 11, but these have not been tested thoroughly. IE 9 and earlier are not supported and will be directed to an error page if used to access a KBase web application.

Windows Version IE Versions
7 Must update to 10 or 11 Windows 7 ships with IE8; Windows Update can be used to install IE 10 or 11 (requires Service Pack 1 which is part of Windows update)
8 10 Windows 8 only supports IE 10.
8.1 11 Windows 8.1 only supports IE 11.

Note: versions of Windows prior to 7 (XP, Vista) do not support IE 10 or higher. Consult this Wikipedia entry for details.

Installation of Supported Browsers


Firefox, produced by the non-profit Mozilla Corporation, is a freely available, open source browser for Mac, Windows, Linux, and other systems. Firefox is updated frequently, so it is not feasible for us to recommend a specific (or even minimum) version. Our best advice is to make sure you are using the most recent version available. You can determine your version and whether it should be updated by visiting the Firefox download page.

Recent versions of Firefox will automatically update themselves on Mac and Windows. If you have an older version you may need to visit the download page to obtain the most recent version for your system. Not all systems support the latest Firefox versions, but supported platforms do. Firefox is available through the software channels of most Linux distributions, or may be downloaded separately.


The Chrome browser is produced by Google, Inc., and is freely available. Chrome operates on a rolling release, meaning that it is updated frequently and it is not easy to track specific versions. It is always best to keep Chrome up to date. On Mac and Windows this is built into the Chrome application itself.


Safari is distributed with Mac OS X. (We do not support the Windows version of Safari.) Specific versions of Mac OS X support specific versions of Safari–see this Wikipedia entry for details. NOTE: Safari in Private Window mode does not work well with KBase, due to the disabling of the localStorage feature.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new web browser for Windows 10; it replaces Internet Explorer. You should be able to use KBase on Edge, but this has not been extensively tested.