Transfer data from Globus to KBase

Globus is a data management and file transfer system that can facilitate bulk upload of data (either large data files or a large number of files) into your KBase account.
If you have a Globus account and want to use Globus to copy data to your KBase account, you will first need to install Globus Connect Personal and create a Globus Connect Personal Endpoint (see for instructions). You can then click the link in the Import tab that says “Or upload to this staging area by using Globus Online.”

That should bring you to a page that looks something like this (assuming you have a Globus account):

Set the “To” endpoint to “KBase Bulk Share”, which is your staging area. Set the “From” Endpoint to the location of the data you want to transfer–for example, you could choose “jgi#portal” to access JGI data. If you don’t see a directory with your name (as in the example above) add /username (for example /nharris for the user above) to the Path for the KBase endpoint.

You should then be able to drag data files or folders from the left endpoint to the right one, inside the Globus interface, and the files will appear in your KBase staging area.

This page has more information about how to add data to your KBase account so you can analyze it.

Uploading data from JGI

If you are a JGI user, you can transfer public genome reads and assemblies (as well as your private data and annotated genomes) from JGI to your KBase account—see this page for instructions.