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KBase: The U.S. Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase

In KBase, you can create shareable, reproducible workflows called Narratives that include data, analysis steps, results, visualizations and commentary.

Research Highlights

Over the past two decades, the scale and complexity of genomics technologies and data have advanced from sequencing genomes of a few organisms to generating metagenomes, genome variation, gene expression, metabolites, and phenotype data for thousands of organisms and their communities. Here we present the DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase, an open-source software and data platform that enables data sharing, integration, and analysis of microbes, plants, and their communities.

KBase annotation and metabolic modeling pipelines were used to analyze a 13-species electrosynthetic community that captures electrons from a cathode and fixes carbon dioxide. Metabolic models of the predominant community members revealed that Acetobacterium is the primary carbon fixer for the community, excreting large amounts of acetate which serves as the main carbon source for the rest of the community.

Integrated Data and Tools

Analyze a wide range of public bioinformatics data together with your own data.


Explore KBase’s analysis tools (Apps) in the App Catalog.


Transfer high-throughput sequencing data from   the JGI Genome Portal to KBase for analysis.


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November 2018 KBase Webinars

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