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Associate Expression Matrix to Genome Features


Associate an ExpressionMatrix with an annotated Genome that contains features referenced in the matrix.

This App associates the rows of an Expression Matrix to features contained in the Genome by matching the row IDs to genome feature IDs or aliases. Apps that operate on expression data often require this mapping between rows and features to properly function. This App can be used for the Expression Matrix that was imported and was not associated with a Genome upon importing or if an updated Genome becomes available to associate with the Expression Matrix.

The input is a .tsv file with "gene-id" listed in the A1 cell, the gene ids listed in the A column, the sample/conditions identifiers in the 1 row, and expression values that correspond to the gene-ids and sample throughout. For a comprehensive guide to formatting your expression data for import into KBase, see the Data Upload/Download Guide.

Team members who developed & deployed algorithm in KBase: Paramvir Dehal, Roman Sutormin, Michael Sneddon, Srividya Ramakrishnan, Pavel Novichkov, Keith Keller.

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Module Commit: 6cdc50905a08883a53333c073abe1e1df7b3f97f