Data Summary

KBase provides users with a unified resource for analyzing a range of public data together with the data generated from their own experiments. The data in KBase, which includes public data from various public sources as well as internally-generated analysis results, includes an extensive set of prokaryotic annotated genomes; a selected set of eukaryotic genomes; and thousands of biochemical compounds and reactions.

The table to the right represents the total number of different data objects imported from public repositories or created by KBase analysis pipelines in the combined KBase datastores as of June 27, 2017.

Please see this page for KBase’s Data Policy and the sources of our public reference data.

In the table to the right, searchable data types can be clicked to go to the search page for that data type. You can also go to the main search interface to search the public data in KBase, or use the Public tab in the Data Browser inside KBase’s Narrative Interface.

Category Data Type Total number
Genomes Bacterial 84,966
Archaeal 570
Eukaryotic 222
Unknown 4521
Phytozome Genomes 63
Total Genomes 90.279
Annotation Classes Genome Features 358,269,132
Taxonomy 1,554,540
Biochemistry Biochemical Species (Compounds) 27,692
Reactions 34,696
Roles 20,551
Media 522
Metabolic Maps 75
Metabolic Pathways 1470