Before Getting Started

Sign up for a KBase user account

To use KBase’s functionality and data, you will first need a KBase user account, which is free and open to anyone. Sign up now!

If you already have a user account but don’t remember the password, reset your password rather than creating a new account.

Access the Narrative Interface

The Narrative Interface is available at

Recommended Browsers

We recommend using the Firefox or Chrome web browsers to access the Narrative Interface. Older versions of Internet Explorer are not supported. Please see this page for more information.

There are several ways to enter the Narrative Interface from your Dashboard:

  • Use the menu at the top left of the Dashboard and select “Narrative Interface”.
  • Open a public Narrative or one that has been shared with you
  • Start a new Narrative by clicking the “+ New Narrative” button

Make sure you have the latest version

New versions of the Narrative Interface are released periodically. In most cases, KBase will automatically update to the latest version. However, if you had an older version already running, you will see a green button near the top right of your Narrative that says “New Version Available.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.16.19 PM
Click this button to update and reload the interface. You also may need to do a hard refresh (shift-reload) in your browser window.

Narrative Troubleshooting and Issue Reporting

We greatly appreciate your feedback as we strive to make KBase an increasingly useful resource for the community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter a bug or want to suggest a new feature. Additional guidance on troubleshooting and issue reporting can be found here.